Furnace Repairs in Whitehorse

For most of the year, Whitehouse is either cold or about to get cold. With consistently low temperatures, it is important to know which furnace repair teams you can trust. One such company is Fireweed Home Comfort. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, we perform long-lasting repairs sure to increase your home’s energy efficiency and keep you warm all year round.

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Whitehorse Furnace Repair Service

As we all know, there is nothing worse than being surprised by furnace problems in the middle of a Whitehorse winter. While your furnace might let you down from time to time, your local heating contractor never should.

With 38 years of professional experience, we’ve encountered every conundrum imaginable. Despite being confident in our abilities, we are by no means overconfident. Overconfidence can lead many contractors to work too quickly. Not us, though.

Before we tinker with a single furnace component, we perform a thorough inspection of your furnace and the surrounding elements. Doing so ensures that we do not misdiagnose your problem or make the mistake of overlooking small defects.

Whether your problems arise from negligence or unexpected accidents, we are the team for you. We’re capable of addressing a variety of heat pump, HVAC, and furnace issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Clogged Filters
  • Broken Furnace Components
  • Ignition Problems
  • Circuit Board Issues
  • Thermostat Troubles
  • Efficiency Issues
  • Frequent Cycling
  • …and more!

Other furnace repair companies might leave you in the cold, but not Fireweed Home Comfort. For a quote on our services, call us today.

Emergency Furnace Repairs in Whitehorse

More often than not, furnace failure will occur during th

e quiet hours of the evening or night. For some people, this is a terrifying scenario. When you don’t know who to call, what are you supposed to do?

Residents who’ve come to trust us, however, know there’s nothing to worry about. Our track record for quality customer service gives our clients the peace of mind they need to get through stressful situations. They know all they have to do is call us and we’ll be on-site, no matter the time of day.

It’s not just our fast response times that give our clients peace of mind, either. It’s the quality of our handiwork. Whether we’re repairing a filter or a circuit board, our handiwork is second to none.

Heating Contractors in Whitehorse

While some handymen and fly-by-night repairmen might supply you with mediocre repairs or band-aid solutions and then be on their merry way, we’d rather end a visit to your home by educating you on furnace care.

Though some furnace problems are unavoidable as the components age, other problems arise due to a lack of preventative care. Now, we know that not everyone is a certified furnace technician, so don’t feel bad for not knowing your way around a furnace. Our tips and suggestions should be more than enough to make sure your furnace has a long life.

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