Tankless Water Heater Repair in Whitehorse

We are a team of full-service HVAC professionals who provide the highest quality of repair services. We offer 24/7 emergency response services and are committed to swift and efficient water heater repairs.

In no time, your tankless water heater will be restored to its original efficiency and performance, and your commercial or residential space will once again have plenty of hot water!

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Prompt, Dependable Water Heater Repairs

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, are becoming incredibly popular among commercial and residential property owners alike. They are highly efficient and economical, heating water at the source. Compared to conventional tanks, our tankless water systems save you significant quantities of both space and energy.

Routine preventative maintenance goes a long way in helping your tankless water heater perform effectively for the entirety of its lifespan. However, at some point, while water tank replacement may not be necessary just yet, repairs may be needed to keep your tank performing reliably.

If the water coming out of your taps is too hot, not hot enough, or there is no hot water whatsoever, schedule an inspection with our specialists right away. We can expertly assess the situation and proceed with the necessary water heater repairs.

Diligent Inspections, Part Replacement, and General Water Heater Services

When Fireweed Home Comfort arrives at your home or business, we will begin with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of your water heater. We will visually observe all parts and components of your system. Our water tank repair and maintenance services include:

  • Pumping the Heater
  • Heating Element Replacements
  • Filter or Fixture Aerator Repairs and Replacements

We ensure that both the water supply and power source are functioning properly. We undertake our heating repairs with both patience and efficiency and are committed to minimizing any disruptions.

In no time, your water heater will be fully repaired and ready for better-than-ever performance.

Qualified HVAC Repair Professionals with Decades of Dependable Experience

We have been in business in the Whitehorse area for over 38 years. Our team has the resources and knowledge to provide a full range of HVAC specialties, including diligent repairs to a variety of water heaters.

We are fully licensed and insured for our services and are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each client.

We can provide a careful inspection of your HVAC system, and make expert recommendations on how best to maintain your HVAC systems.

Efficient, Durable Repairs for Your Tankless Water Heater

For the highest quality repairs to your home or business’s water heater, reach out to the experts at Fireweed Home Comfort.

You will be impressed with our wide range of specialties, use of exceptional products, and commitment to excellence in customer service.

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