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Oil Tank Replacement

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Every once in a while, you may hear of someone having an oil spill. While they don’t happen often, leaks from old and rusty heating oil tanks can occur, so it’s wise to make sure your tank is in good condition.

Insurance policies vary by company and may require domestic oil tanks be replaced after 10 or 15 years, even though they last longer. Oil tanks in our cold and wet climate are susceptible to rust, condensation, sludge and contaminants that cause damage.

Since there is no hard answer on what age a tank should be replaced, it is important not to wait until your tank is over 10 years old to have it checked for potential problems. It is recommended to have your heating equipment inspected annually by a qualified technician. This is the only way to ensure your tank, oil lines, filters, and equipment are free of major corrosion or leaks. Fireweed Home Comfort provides peace of mind knowing your equipment is working safely and soundly.

One of our expert technicians will also be pleased to inspect your oil tank and let you know what kind of shape it is in. And if you do need replacement, we can discuss all the best possible options you will have available.

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