Heating in Whitehorse

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Home Heating: Let Us Help You

Since our company’s inception, we’ve never failed to provide our clients with complete satisfaction. Now despite our track record, it’s not as easy as we make it look. It’s not as simple as showing up on time or bringing the best tools for the job. We do a little more than that. We bring three decades worth of wisdom. Professional experience is something that not even the most expensive tools can compare to.

We also promise:

  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Accurate, Written, and Free Quotes on All Repairs and Upgrades
  • Post-Repair Cleanup Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Low Prices on Replacement Filters and Other Components
  • Warranties on Services

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In-And-Out Propane, Oil, and Electric Furnace Installations!

When you purchase a new furnace through us or another provider, you don’t want that furnace to sit in your porch for days and days. You want that furnace installed the same day you purchase it.

When it comes to installations, we work quickly. But not too quickly. Our certified technicians will make sure all the wires and gas lines are perfectly attached for safety and efficiency reasons.

We’ll even test out your furnace to make sure the heater’s condensation is under control. If need be, we’ll even install a condensate pump to make sure that excess water makes its way to the nearest plumbing drain.

Reliable Furnace Repairs for Every Home

There is nothing worse than discovering that your furnace isn’t working. In Whitehorse, we rely on our furnace for a considerable chunk of the year. If it isn’t working, you might have to wear your hat and mittens indoors.

Thankfully, we’re only a phone call away. And rest assured, we’ve seen every problem imaginable. Whether your problems come as a result of negligence, misuse, or an unexpected turn of events, we can help you.

Our repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken Parts Replacements
  • Ignition Issues
  • Clogged Filters
  • Circuit Board Problems
  • Efficiency Problems
  • Excessive Cycling
  • …and more

Keep Your Home Heated with a High-Efficiency Furnace

Have you recently noticed a spike in your home’s utility bills? If you don’t think you’ve been cranking the heat any higher than usual, you might have a bit of a problem on your hands. Thankfully, these problems are usually easy for us to identify and repair. Oftentimes, there is an issue with your filter, the air ducts, or your burners.

Dust, dirt, and debris are the common culprits, and we’re the team who can scare them away!

Extended Warranties on All HVAC Repairs

We’ve built our reputation off the quality of our repairs. If our handiwork fails to stand the test of time, just call us! We’ll visit your home again at your convenience—no questions asked!

The Best Heating Services in Whitehorse

A heat pump is a popular heating system choice for many families and business owners in Whitehorse. A heat pump uses electricity to move hot air from one place to another. A heat pump has the ability to heat and cool a room. A heat pump uses a substance called a refrigerant to cool hot air inside a condenser which is usually located outside of the building. It then takes this cool air and forces it into a chosen space. The condenser houses two coils, one for cooling and one for condensing.

What are Some Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

Year-Round Use:

One of the major bonuses to having a heat pump heating system is that you can use it as an air conditioner during the summer months. A heat pump is equipped to cool air in the same way that it heats it, just as a reverse process. Having a dual-purpose unit such as a heat pump will save you the cost of installing a separate cooling system to use during the summer.

Ductless System:

Installing air ducts into a home is a process that often involves more time and money than some Whitehorse clients want to invest into a heating system. Furthermore, air ducts have tendencies to leak which require some clients to spend more money on repairs down the line. For those Whitehorse clients who want a simple, cost-effective solution, a heat pump is the right way to go.

Energy Efficient:

There are a multitude of manufacturers that provide modern-day energy efficient solutions for your heating needs. At Fireweed Home Comfort, we only source our heat pump units and equipment from trusted local sources because we believe that high-quality products yield a high-quality result. At the end of the day, this is what we believe our clients deserve.

Types of Heat Pumps:

Air Source

An air source heat pump absorbs heat from the outdoor air in winter and rejects heat into the outdoor air in summer.

Ground Source

Less common are ground source heat pumps, also called earth-energy, geothermal and geo-exchange heat pumps. These types of heating units draw heat from the ground or ground water.

Heat Pump Installation in Whitehorse

At Fireweed Home Comfort, we are able to easily and effectively instal a heat pump system in less than one day. Since there are no pipes or air ducts involved in the installation process, all that needs to be done is to install the air handler and the compressor.

Who is a Heat Pump Ideal For?

A heat pump heating system is ideal for families who live in a moderate to cool climate. Extreme low temperatures may demand additional heating. A heat pump is ideal for those families and business owners who wish to invest in a multipurpose heating and cooling system that is easy to install and will help them save on energy bills.