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Propane On Demand Water Heater

If you are looking for heating and cooling contractors specializing in installing and maintaining tankless water heaters, look no further than Fireweed Home Comfort. Offering the finest services in the community, we are able to calibrate old and new water heaters to perfection. Alongside our exceptional services comes the promise of competitive rates, on-time service, and the undivided attention of certified HVAC professionals.

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Sustainable Home Heating Solutions

We all want to take the sustainable approach whenever possible. When it comes to heating the water in your home, what do eco-friendly and green households do? They rely on propane on-demand water heaters. Who do they turn to for these wonderful inventions? They look to Fireweed Home Comfort.

When you want to take the tankless approach to water heating in your home, we're the ones to call. We promise swift installations, lasting repairs, and in-depth maintenance services. With us overseeing your tankless water heater, you'll never have to worry about a thing.

Are you eager to make a change in your home or business? Are you looking to finally upgrade the water heater? Make the switch to a propane-powered water heater by contacting our team. We promise you won't regret it. Call us today at (867) 668-3259 to schedule your consultation, maintenance, or repair services.

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Heating Homes for 38 Years

Our years of experience give us an edge over our professional peers. With nearly four decades of successes to our name, we have had an opportunity to master countless approaches to

HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance. Households with older furnaces and outmoded heating systems might perplex some contractors, but they'll never outwit our seasoned employees. Believe us when we say we have seen it all. If there's a problem, we already know the solution.

We aren't just knowledgeable about the fundamentals of our trade, though. We are interested in innovation and efficiency. We keep up with the latest developments in home heating and on-demand water heating solutions, ensuring our clients get nothing but the best service from our team.

We blend time-honored strategies and the latest solutions to give our clients the most comprehensive service possible.

Affordable Solutions

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Are you looking for an affordable and sustainable solution to your water heating woes? If so, the on-demand water heaters courtesy of Fireweed Home Comfort are for you. Promising hot water whenever you need it, these propane-fueled water heaters are energy-efficient, cost-effective-and they are easy to install, as well.

To make sure you get the most out of your tankless propane-powered water heater, work with us. Rest assured, we will make sure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible. Call us at (867) 668-3259 to schedule your consultation.

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Best Water Heaters in the Business

We all need hot water throughout the day, but we don’t want our utility bills to skyrocket because of our not-so-reasonable demands for comfort. While conventional water heaters may be more inefficient than we want them to be, on-demand water heaters go above and beyond.

The on-demand water heater is the original and best-selling water heater on the market today! You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are! It is perfect for the house. Take a hot shower or wash the dogs. It makes it great for off grid or other areas where electricity is not readily available.

Reduced Gas Bills

We all have a wide variety of monthly expenses. Most of us look for savings opportunities wherever we can. For those who want to reduce their heating bills, an on-demand water heating system is the way to go. With an on-demand heating system, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the sustainable and financially savvy decision.

There are a lot of reasons to invest in one of our on-demand water heaters. With their incredibly compact nature to their ease of installation, you simply cannot go wrong. That said, those are just a few of the many benefits in store. One of the most attractive reasons to go tankless is the reduction in your monthly utility costs. Most reviewers report 30-40% reductions in their gas bills! These devices are a worthwhile investment based on their convenience alone. Their financial savings and environmental friendliness only sweeten the bargain!

Compared to electric models, gas-powered units have better cold-weather performance and average lower fuel costs over time. They’re also more reliable over the long term.

To get the full range of benefits, it’s super important to select the right water heater for your household’s specific needs. The range of options on the market is vast and it’s all too easy to get an inadequate unit for your needs, or to overpay for one you won’t fully make use of. This equipment can be costly, especially because gas units require you to install proper ventilation ports and fuel hookups. This guide will help you get it right the first time.

We’ve got the know-how and have come up with a list of high-quality options available today. We’ve sorted them into easy categories: top sellers, highest overall quality, and the best value buys.

Endless Hot Water Guaranteed

It seems like hot water is on short supply in a lot of households. After running the hot water for a sink full of dirty dishes, there might not be enough hot water left in the tank for a quick shower. Is there a way to ensure you can have the hot water you need for your essential activities? There is. All you need is a propane-fueled water heater courtesy of our celebrated HVAC company.

Most of us grew up in households that relied on water tanks for their hot water. While these tanks vary in size, even the largest ones could not guarantee that the last person to shower in a household would have enough hot water to wash.

With a tankless water heater, your household has an endless supply of hot water. If your propane tank remains full, you’ll always have the hot water you need when you need it. Say goodbye to cold showers once and for all.

Tankless Heater Installations Made Simple

Tankless water heater systems require the installation expertise of celebrated and licensed contractors such as ourselves. Professional installers like us ensure every component operates according to the manufacturer's standards.

For families that want multiple electric water heaters installed in their homes for added convenience, our services are a godsend. Our years of experience ensure that we'll attach and test all those new heaters swiftly—and without rushing ourselves, either.

Sustainable Heating Options

There are those of us who make budget-based decisions before any others. They look for the economical option in every scenario, ensuring they have enough money for their future. There are also those people whose environmental concerns dictate their purchases. They want their hard-earned money to go toward meaningful causes and processes that reduce their carbon footprint.

There are times when you have to choose between the budget-friendly and eco-friendly option—but not when it comes to tankless water heaters. With an on-demand water heater, you get the best of both worlds.

Incredible Energy Efficiency

We all want to make sustainable choices when it comes to our consumption habits. No one wants to use more energy than necessary—even for the most essential of tasks. However, it can be hard to get around wasted energy when you have an old-fashioned hot water tank. With a propane on-demand water heater, you get the benefit of added efficiency.

Traditional hot water tanks are not the most energy-efficient items in the world. As water idly sits in a tank, it lowers in temperature. The drop in temperature makes the heater continually turn on and off to ensure the water remains at the perfect temperature for future use.

It is easy to see why this may not be the most efficient system for heating water. However, with on-demand water heaters available through us, water is only heated as needed. This makes for a drastic improvement. Gone are the days of re-heating the water in your tank and wasting valuable energy. Instead, you’ll only use the bare minimum of electricity to heat your water for daily chores and activities.

Save on Space with Tankless Heaters

Not everyone has the spacious multi-leveled households of their parent’s generation. Many individuals have small cottages and cozy homes. Their basements and bathrooms may not even be able to fit a large hot water tank. In times like those, homeowners such as yourself might want a more compact option. Many believe that there is no more compact and efficient option than the tankless water heater—ourselves included.

Doing away with the large water tank and replacing it with a tankless, on-demand model can revolutionize the household. With our tankless water heaters, space is never an issue. These devices are wall-mounted and incredibly compact, ensuring you’ll never have to sacrifice valuable floor space in your home or cottage. If you ever decide to move out of one property and into another, all you’ll have to do is call us to disconnect the on-demand heater to bring along. It is as easy as that!

Gone are the days of 60-gallon storage tanks. When you want to save on space, utility costs, and more, the on-demand water heater is the best solution for you.

We Help You Save Money, Too!

Everyone wants to save money—even when it comes to their day-to-day comfort. With so many expenses to worry about, why not take advantage of saving opportunities whenever possible?

Being homeowners ourselves, we understand this demand for cost-effective heating solutions. That is why we have made on-demand water heaters a specialty of ours. When you want your tankless heater to operate at peak efficiency, we're the ones to contact. With us overseeing the installation and ongoing maintenance of your unit, you'll know that your unit works as it should.

Finding the Best Propane Tankless Water Heater

One of the differences between installing a tankless propane heater and a traditional model is the importance of choosing the right size unit for your property. Here at Fireweed Home Comfort, we put a lot of effort into our planning stages, which includes a thorough inspection of our clients’ property layouts, as well as discussing their water usage needs. 

With our help, you never have to worry about installing a propane tankless water heater that is underpowered or overpowered for your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about why proper sizing is crucial when purchasing an on demand water heater.

Hot Water On Demand, On and Off the Grid

Propane on demand water heaters are a great choice for a wide range of properties. If you need to be conscious of your energy usage for any reason, then you can’t go wrong with our tankless gas models. 

Propane on demand heaters are very popular with RV owners and people living off-grid. We have many high-efficiency units that will allow you to have access to the hot water you need with very minimal propane costs. 

A Name You Can Trust for Water Heater Installations

As with any time you are making changes to the infrastructure of your home, installing a propane water heater is something that should be left to a certified professional. Here at Fireweed Home Comfort, we never take any shortcuts with our installation process, so you can rest assured that your new unit will be installed correctly and meet all necessary building codes. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs for Your Tankless Water Heater

In addition to our certified installations, we are also qualified to provide the necessary upkeep throughout the lifespan of your water heater. It is recommended that you have your unit inspected and maintained at least once a year, and you can always rely on us for simple and effective repairs. Although tankless units are relatively low maintenance, it is still important to ensure they are functioning optimally.

Propane On Demand Heaters are a Long-Lasting Investment

When properly maintained, tankless propane water heaters can last over 20 years. If you are looking for a water heater that you won’t have to replace for quite some time, then tankless is the way to go. All of the benefits of tankless water heaters are popular with home buyers as well, so if you ever decide to sell down the line, you can feel confident that an on demand heater will boost your home’s value. 

Get Hot and Fresh Water with an On Demand Propane Heater

With an old-fashioned water heater, hot water can often be left sitting in the tank for quite some time. If the tank happens to contain rust or mineral scale, this means that your water can become unpleasant after a while. Additionally, if there is no hot water in the tank, you can be left waiting several minutes for a new supply to be heated. A tankless model helps you avoid both of these problems by heating fresh water on demand any time that you need it. 

Call the Water Heater Experts

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