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Gas appliances can provide the in-home conveniences that we all need, but over time they can also begin to break down. Instead of paying for a new appliance when one stops working right, contact your Whitehorse, YT experts for repair work on the gas appliances which may be giving you a headache today. Fireweed Home Comfort will evaluate the symptoms you are experiencing, let you know what repair needs to be done, and give you an estimated cost with no obligation.

We specialize in repairing the following gas appliances which are frequently used in every home:

  • Fireplaces
  • Water Heaters

Effective Furnace Installation and Repair

Is your gas appliance not performing as well as it used to perform? Dryers may not dry clothing on a single cycle like before. Stoves may have burners that won’t light or may not cook food at the proper temperature. Fireplaces may refuse to light after not being used during the warmer months. If you’re struggling with your gas appliances, don’t give up and purchase something new. Our expert technicians can often fix the issue so your old appliance can work like new instead.

A malfunctioning gas appliance in your Whitehorse, YT home could put you and your family at risk. An appliance in need of repair may also be driving your utility bills upward. Contact Fireweed Home Comfort today about your appliance and we will be happy to help fix the issue often for a fraction of the price of competitors.

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