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Heating your home in Whitehorse, YT, can be costly, and home heating is on the rise. With house prices, and heating fuel constantly rising it has become the perfect time to explore an alternative measure of heating your local home or business.

At Fireweed Home Comfort, we take heating seriously! We offer a complete range of heat pump installation services. We are like to consider ourselves the Whitehorse, YT heat pump experts and we are very eager to help you save money and energy through an efficient and accurate heat pump installation.

Amazing Benefits Are Just A Phone Call Away

Heat Pumps work by drawing the air from outside and provide circulation inside your home. Just like a traditional air conditioner, a heat pump can also be used to cool down your home or office. Using a heat pump, there’s no need for separate heating and cooling systems because the heat pump does it all!

If you are environmentally cautious, then you will love the benefits a heat pump offers. There’s no burning of fossil fuels. In fact, now that we think about it.... it’s hard to come up with reasons to pass up on a heat pump installation!

Save money, and energy with a new heat pump from a certified technician. To schedule a free home comfort survey & energy analysis call Fireweed Home Comfort — and remember, at Fireweed its either Fixed Right The First Time Call (867) 668-3259.

Energy Efficient Heat Pump: The Perfect Heating & Cooling Solution

Heating and cooling your home accounts for over 50% of your average monthly bill. That is why it is important to think wisely about which type of heater to purchase when upgrading or installing a new heater. A heat pump heater is a very popular and energy efficient heating solution that is available on the market today. There are certain features which make heat pump heaters a very attractive prospect for home and business owners. This article will outline some of those features so that you can learn more about heat pump heaters and begin to decide if it is the right choice for you.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that uses electricity efficiently to heat and cool a home. Rather than generating heat, a heat pump will transfer heat from one space to another. This concept of transferring heat rather then generating it uses less electrical output and saves money on your electrical bill. An outdoor unit which contains a compressor and condenser takes heat from inside your home and transfers it outside during the warmer months of the year. During the colder months, the exact opposite process occurs. The unit extracts heat from the ground or air surrounding the outside of the home and moves it indoors. In cold to moderately cold climates, there is still enough heat in the air to be condensed and heat a home.

Quick and Easy Heat Pump Installation

Ductless heat pumps are extremely easy to install. They are perfect for wide open spaces and hard to reach places such as basements, attics and lofts. Many clients wonder if a large unit has to be installed in every room in order to heat the whole house. This is not necessary. With so many options on the market today, it is possible to merge ductless systems with small ducts that can be easily installed to transfer heat from room to room. At Fireweed Home Comfort, we always make sure that our work is hidden and discreet so that the style of your home or business is not compromised. We strive to provide a reliable heating and cooling source that isn’t an eyesore so that you can enjoy your space the way you envision it to be.

Full-Service Inspections

Before installing any equipment, our team of dedicated professionals will perform a full-scale heat load calculation measurement to ensure that the system being installed is the ideal size for the space which needs to be heated. We never rush any of our installations because we want to ensure that we are outfitting your home with the ideal unit to save you any hassles and replacements down the line. We install our equipment in a way that allows for easy access and repairs, should you need them.

Heat Pump Installations on Your Schedule

Over the years, we’ve learned that every client has a unique schedule, and we will work diligently to provide you with the accommodation you require, whether you’re a home or business owner. When you contact us, let us know what time would work best for inspection and installation, and we’ll do what we can to work around your schedule and have your service completed as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Discover the Many Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

There are many reasons why home and business owners choose to invest in heat pumps to control the temperature of their properties. Let’s explore just a few.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Since heat pumps do not use combustion to generate heat, they create minimal carbon emissions when compared to other heating appliances. This makes a heat pump an extremely eco-friendly home or business heating option.


Although purchasing a heat pump can be a significant investment, it will pay for itself in no time. Over the years, utilizing a heat pump can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bill.

Energy Efficiency

In conjunction with saving you money and reducing your carbon emissions, a heat pump is generally 200-400% more energy efficient than its counterparts.

Two in One

As we’ve touched on previously, a heat pump can heat and cool your property. When installed correctly, you will have complete control over the temperature of any given room with the touch of a button.

Clean Air

As your heat pump works, its filters clean and purify the air, removing mold, allergens, smoke, and odors from the space, leaving your home or office space fresh.

To discuss the advantages of heat pumps in more detail, be sure to contact our expert team by phone or email. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Ongoing Support from Our Heat Pump Installers

Once your heat pump has been installed, our experts are available to assist you if you have any questions or issues moving forward. While we’re sure that you’ll be completely thrilled with your purchase, we want to assure you that our experts will provide ongoing support to you even after the installation is completed. Whether you are looking for maintenance, a repair, or you want to learn the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your system, we’ve got you covered, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Discuss Your Heat Pump Installation Today

When you’re on the market for a new heating device, you should consider installing a heat pump. Affordability, sustainability, and convenience are just a few of the many benefits of making this investment, and Fireweed Home Comfort is the team you need to install the device with care.

Our expert team has the experience needed to ensure that your new heating system is up and running in no time, so be sure to call us about the installation.

To find out more about heat pumps, or to receive a free estimate, call us today!

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