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HVAC Services

We offer a wide selection of services and take pride in ensuring the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial business.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you are considering a replacement of your air conditioning system for your home or business in Whitehorse, Fireweed Home Comfort offers a variety of options along with expert recommendations that increase comfort and savings.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC unit and its components will result in it having a longer lifespan. Your machine will breakdown less often and you will experience less air duct leaks and problems than if you never clean your system.

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When the professionals at Fireweed Home Comfort install a new boiler, you can count on energy efficiency, quiet performance and ease of control.

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Oil Tank Replacement

Every once in a while, you may hear of someone having an oil spill. While they don’t happen often, leaks from old and rusty heating oil tanks can occur, so it’s wise to make sure your tank is in good condition.

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Investing in a new furnace not only saves money on your monthly energy bills, but also improves overall comfort by consistently maintaining an even temperature throughout your home or business in Whitehorse.

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Heat Pump Installation

A professional Fireweed Home Comfort heat pump installation provides year-round climate control.

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Furnace Repair

Many people tend to ignore or forget about their furnaces until they stop working. When your furnace stops functioning properly, you’ll want an experienced professional’s help to make sure the problem doesn’t quickly get worse.

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Furnace Installations

Need a heating solution for your home? Is your current furnace unreliable? At Fireweed Home Comfort our team provides the highest level of quality in furnace installations and replacements.

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Gas Fireplace

If you feel that your home could use something a bit more cozy, and even more relaxing, then you should look to have a Gas fireplace installed in your home.

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Gas Appliance Repair

Gas appliances can provide the in-home conveniences that we all need, but over time they can also begin to break down. Instead of paying for a new appliance when one stops working right, contact Fireweed Home Comfort and see the difference that our experience makes.

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Propane On Demand Water Heater

The on-demand water heater is the original and best-selling water heater on the market today! You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are.

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