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Gas Fireplace Services

If you are considering adding a gas fireplace to your home, Fireweed Home Comfort is the name to know. Our team specializes in all things heating and cooling, and installing gas fireplaces is well within our wheelhouse.

We can let you know about the best products on the market and provide you with pricing information and all the details before we get started!

If you want to learn more about what a gas fireplace could do for your home or to schedule an on-site consultation with our experts, dial (867) 668-3259.

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Gas Fireplace Experts: Keeping Your Home Warm and Comfortable

Gas fireplace contractors like the professionals at Fireweed Home Comfort understand the pivotal role these features play in enhancing the comfort, style, and safety of your property. These timeless household-warming features create a steady source of heat and glow, inviting your family to feel warm and safe in the comfort of home.

With our gas fireplace installations, we elevate home comfort, increase overall safety, and reduce energy costs. Our team of passionate fireplace contractors excels in all aspects of fireplace selection, setup, maintenance, and repair. Here’s a look at the many types of fireplace installations we offer for our community:

Incorporate a Corner Gas Fireplace into Your Home

Transforming unused corners into cozy retreats, corner gas fireplaces are a brilliant way to maximize space and ambiance simultaneously. These installations introduce a bit of character into a room while providing the warmth and charm of a traditional fireplace.

See-Through or Double-Sided Fireplaces

Break down walls—literally and figuratively—with a see-through or double-sided gas fireplace. Connecting two spaces with a shared fireplace, these designs exude a sense of openness and unity. Depending on your home’s layout, you might be the ideal candidate for a design like this.

Smart Fireplaces: Simply the Best

Step into the future with smart fireplaces. These new types of fireplaces seamlessly integrate with your home automation system so you can control flame intensity, heat output, and even set timers all from the convenience of your smartphone. Be sure to ask about smart fireplaces when you consult with our team.

Fireplace Inserts

Revitalize existing hearths with the efficiency and style of gas fireplace inserts. These inserts are designed to fit into traditional wood-burning fireplaces, transforming them into efficient, clean-burning gas alternatives. It’s a sustainable upgrade that breathes new life into your home without sacrificing the charm of a classic fireplace.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Consider embracing a linear gas fireplace. These sophisticated designs not only add a touch of chic to your living space but also provide a panoramic view of the flames. Perfect for both new constructions and renovations, linear fireplaces seamlessly integrate into various architectural styles, offering a clean and luxurious aesthetic.

Gas Fireplace Services: Comfort and Quality

Having a gas fireplace in your home means having a source of warmth and comfort right at your fingertips. The flickering flames bring an inviting ambiance, creating a cozy space that's perfect for relaxation and gatherings.

Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces eliminate the hassle of chopping wood and cleaning up ashes. With a simple flip of a switch or press of a button, you can enjoy the instant comfort of a fire that radiates warmth and charm, making cold nights a welcome prospect.

As gas fireplace specialists, we understand the unique value that these fireplaces bring to your living space. Our expertise goes beyond installation—we know how to enhance your home's comfort while prioritizing efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.

From selecting the perfect fireplace design to ensuring proper ventilation and fuel connections, we take a comprehensive approach to creating an environment that marries functionality and style.

Prioritizing Safety in Gas Fireplace Installations

Our commitment to safety means that your gas fireplace installation is executed with precision and adheres to safety standards and regulations. Whether you're looking to transform your living room into a cozy retreat or add a touch of elegance to your space, our mastery of gas fireplace technology ensures that your home enjoys the wonders of comfort, beauty, and functionality without risk.

Installing Gas Fireplaces with Care

We specialize in installing a diverse range of gas fireplaces, each catering to different preferences and architectural styles. Our expertise encompasses various types of gas fireplaces that offer distinct benefits, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your home's ambiance and heating needs.

We install the following types of gas fireplaces:

  • Direct vent gas fireplaces
  • Ventless fireplaces
  • Gas fireplace inserts
  • B-vent gas fireplaces
  • Traditional gas fireplaces
  • ...and more

Our expertise in installing these diverse types of gas fireplaces ensures that your choice aligns perfectly with your home's style and heating preferences, enhancing both the visual appeal and comfort of your living space.

Stay Warm with Gas Fireplace Repairs

From minor hitches to more complex issues, our comprehensive fireplace repair expertise covers a variety of common concerns that can arise with gas fireplaces. Some of the gas fireplace maintenance and repair issues we address include:

Pilot Light Issues

Encountering difficulties with a pilot light that refuses to stay lit or ignite can be an unwelcome setback in your pursuit of comfort. Rest assured, our experienced experts are here to efficiently diagnose and address the issue, ensuring a seamless ignition process for your fireplace. If your pilot light won't stay lit or won't ignite, our experts can diagnose and rectify the problem efficiently to ensure ease of ignition.

Burner or Flame Irregularities

Overly yellow flames are never a good thing. Thankfully, our seasoned home heating experts specialize in troubleshooting and fine-tuning burners to perfection. Count on us to address these issues in a worry-free and efficient manner. Whether you're facing uneven flames, low flame height, or excessively yellow flames, our home heating experts can troubleshoot and adjust the burner for optimal performance.

Thermocouple Malfunction

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor used in gas appliances like your fireplace. It consists of two different metals joined at one end. When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled, it produces a voltage that can be used to detect temperature changes. In a gas fireplace, the thermocouple serves a crucial safety function by monitoring the pilot light’s flame. If your fireplace keeps shutting off unexpectedly, a faulty thermocouple might be to blame. Our gas fireplace repair experts can replace and calibrate it to restore proper functionality.

Ignition Problems

Difficulty igniting the fireplace can stem from various causes, including faulty igniters or wiring issues, which our home heating contractors can swiftly address.

Gas Leaks or Odors

If you detect a gas odor or suspect a leak, our professionals can promptly locate and fix the issue, ensuring your safety.

Gas Fireplaces for Home Heating

While most homeowners will choose to install a furnace in their homes, it’s essential to review your options. Depending on the size of your space, a gas fireplace could be an even better option and save you money on your heating bill.

Gas fireplaces are especially beneficial if you’re trying to heat an enclosed space like a basement, bedroom, or living room. They also add an air of ambiance that is unparalleled by other heating options.

If you’d like to determine whether your home is a good candidate for gas fireplace heating, get in touch with our experts and book an on-site consultation.

On-Site Heating Consultation from Fireweed Home Comfort

Before our team can install a gas fireplace in your home, we need to survey your space, and we’ll do so during an on-site consultation. During this meeting, we will determine the best location for a fireplace, identify any safety hazards and discuss the products we believe would be most appropriate in your space.

We can also provide you with detailed pricing information and schedule the installation.

Fast Turnarounds on Fireplace Installation

Installing a gas stove is no easy feat, but luckily for you, our team has years of extensive experience. We can get your device fitted in a few short hours and will make sure it is functioning seamlessly before we make our departure.

When you trust Fireweed Home Comfort for gas fireplace installation, you can ensure a fast turnaround and get back to enjoying your home fast!

Gas Fireplace Repairs

If you have a gas fireplace installed in your home, you are already reaping the benefits of this fantastic heating system. While gas fireplaces are known for being reliable, they’re not indestructible, and you will face hiccups from time to time.

If you suspect a problem with your gas fireplace, our team can assist you. When you contact us, we’ll spring into action, dispatching a repair expert to your property to assess the issue at hand.  

We’ll come up with solutions that ensure the function and safety of your gas fireplace in the long term.

We recommend getting a hold of us if you experience the following issues:

  • If you’re experiencing challenges with the pilot light
  • If you smell rotten eggs
  • If your fireplace switches on and off by itself
  • If you’re experiencing excessive soot

It’s also a good idea to have your fireplace inspected annually to avoid significant issues that could go undetected otherwise.

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Fireweed Home Comfort is proud to be Whitehorse’s premier choice for gas fireplace services. Gas fireplaces are a great way to heat your home and make it cozy on those cold days that are all-too-common here in the Yukon. With the help of Fireweed Home Comfort, you can get all the charm and efficiency of a gas fireplace at an affordable price. We offer a complete range of fireplace installation, repair, and maintenance services that will guarantee your unit’s longevity.

Call us now to get a quote on gas fireplace installation and services.

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Consult with Our Gas Fireplace Experts

If you want to make sure you are getting the best gas fireplace for your home, then we are here to help. Our team of specialists will meet with you to discuss what you are looking for and assess your property to help you make the right choice. We can work with a wide range of different models and styles, so you can rest assured that we will help you find the perfect fit for any room.

The Gas Fireplace Specialist

If you're looking for a gas fireplace contractor, look no further—because we have you covered. We offer a complete suite of services to install, maintain, and repair your fireplace. There's no job we can't tackle. Whether you need to replace an old fireplace, install new gas lines, or double-check that everything's working A-OK, you can count on us as your contractor of choice.

We can help with:

  • Fireplace installation
  • Gas line installation
  • Fireplace repairs
  • Fireplace maintenance
  • ...and more

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive solutions to all your fireplace-related problems. We work closely with each client to ensure we meet their precise needs, all while staying well within their budget. The service you want, from the contractor you can trust: It's just what you can expect from your local gas fireplace specialist.

Your Top Choice for Gas Fireplace Installations

Need a fireplace installed? Fireweed Home Comfort is here to help. We provide seamless installation services to get your fireplace mounted quickly, safely, and correctly. Working with speed and diligence, our team takes every precaution to get the job done right. We maintain rigorous standards for safety and quality control, and we always double-check to ensure our work is nothing short of flawless.

As a client of ours, you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Honest, upfront quotes
  • Courteous customer service
  • Superior results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

We offer installation services for all types of gas fireplaces, no matter how big or small. We also offer comprehensive design and gas-fitting services to provide full-package solutions to our clients. We handle the entire installation process ourselves, from start to finish, so there's no need to worry about endless subcontractors coming in and out of your home. Rest easy, because with us on the job, you'll have your new fireplace ready and roaring in no time.

Cost of Gas Fireplace Services

Working with Fireweed Home Comfort means hiring a team with years of experience and access to the best brands of gas fireplaces on the market today. We offer responsive and friendly services that you can trust. We have become known just as much for the quality of our installation services as for our customer service. And it all starts with your first phone call.

We strive to be as accurate as possible in our quotes. We will sit down with you to figure out what type of fireplace will suit your needs and how it needs to be installed in your home. Every job is a little different and usually requires a home visit to plan the installation properly. Once we have all the details, we will draft a complete cost breakdown that will give you all the information you need to know to give us the go-ahead.

Built-to-Last Gas Fireplace Installations

We believe that your gas fireplace should be able to stand the test of time. One of the ways that we guarantee the quality of our work is by carefully selecting the best brands of fireplaces. We only install gas fireplace brands and models that we would trust for our own homes. And we take a personal sense of responsibility for every single one that we install.

Like anything, the contractor you choose for the fireplace installation matters just as much as the actual unit. Our team focuses on safety, efficiency, and consistent performance. With full certification and years of experience, we can deliver the best possible service every time so that your gas fireplace can stand the test of time.

Call us now for a quote.

Experience the Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

If you are looking for a modern fireplace that will be a great addition to your property, Fireweed Home Comfort is the place for you. We know there are several options for indoor fireplaces, which is why we would like to take some time to elaborate on the benefits of choosing a gas unit.

Comfortable Heating

When compared to a traditional masonry fireplace, gas systems provide better heat output. If you want to ensure you are warm and cozy during cold periods, then you can’t go wrong with a gas fireplace.

Convenient Operation

Starting your gas fireplace is as simple as flipping a switch. Avoid the headaches that come with wood stoves and make sure heating your home is always a hassle-free process.

Another convenience about these great fireplaces is how easily they can turn off. Even after burning for hours, it's not too hot to touch. With one push of a switch, you can shut the gas off and go right to bed.

Clean Burning

Unlike some of their counterparts, gas fireplaces don’t produce any soot or ash. This results in a cleaner and safer operation. You won’t have to worry about any buildup inside your chimney nor the risks that come with it.

Don't worry! It doesn't smell either. Any scent that might be there is burned immediately by the flame. If you have any concerns, feel free to give us a call. We look forward to helping you out.

Beautiful Designs

No matter the fireplace ideas that you come to us with, we are certain to have a model that works for you. Gas fireplaces are quite versatile and can come in a wide range of styles ranging from rustic to modern. At Fireweed Home Comfort, we offer gas fireplaces in a variety of styles to give you total control over how your home looks. Whether you’re looking for something old-fashioned or ultramodern, you can count on us to have the perfect product for you.

Professional Gas Fireplace Installation

If you are looking to add a brand-new fireplace to your home or replace an old one, we have you covered. We have a solid history of providing top-notch installations of gas fireplaces. A high-quality fireplace is a fantastic investment, and once you experience the comfort of nestling up near your new fireplace, we are sure you will agree.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Although gas fireplaces are typically low maintenance, they can still benefit from regular upkeep. When that time comes, Fireweed Home Comfort is the place to call. We are well-versed on a variety of gas fireplace units and can bring them back to proper working order. If you are concerned with the state of your gas fireplace, contact us today for prompt and professional repairs.

Our maintenance services are a smart way to save money on future repairs. At Fireweed Home Comfort, we take a comprehensive approach to provide a complete diagnostic assessment of your fireplace’s performance and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art detection techniques, we’re able to find potential problems to prevent them from worsening or occurring in the first place, all while making sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency. Save time, save money, and choose us for all your fireplace maintenance needs.

Reliable Gas Fireplace Repairs

If your gas fireplace is damaged or seems to be malfunctioning, our technicians can help. We offer responsive and friendly repair services for a wide range of brands. We will do a full inspection of your unit and troubleshoot the problem. Once we’ve figured out what it is, we’ll be able to perform the repairs right there on the spot. Because of the dangers associated with natural gas, we strongly advise that you leave the repairs to our professional team. We’re just a phone call away!

With safety and performance as top priorities, Fireweed Home Comfort will help you make the most of your fireplace. It helps that our fireplace repairs are very reasonably priced according to the local market. We consistently undercut the competition—both on fireplaces and our other HVAC services!

In the Whitehorse, YT Area? Book A Free Comfort Survey & Home Analysis ASAP – Call Now!

Your furnace does a decent job at keeping you warm during the coldest Whitehorse, YT months. But if you feel that your home could use something a bit more cozy, and even more relaxing, then you should look to have a Gas fireplace installed in your home.

Gas Fireplaces are great to install in any living room, bedroom, den or basement in any home. At Fireweed Home Comfort, we have over 35 years of experience installing and servicing gas fireplaces. We will come to your home and set up one of the top of the line fireplaces in your home.

Licensed Gas Fireplace Services

When it comes to something as complex as fireplace installation, it pays to work with the professionals. Lucky for you, we are fully certified to provide you with authoritative work. You can rest assured that we have all the training and qualifications to do a great job.

Our reputation rests on the skill and experience of our team. At Fireweed Home Comfort, every one of our fireplace installers is a trained, licensed, trustworthy technician. They are the best in the business, combining years of experience with a passion for their craft. If you need a gas fireplace installed, you can count on us to install it right.

Experienced Gas Fireplace Contractors

With over 35 years of service under our belts, we are the smart choice to provide you with a brand-new gas fireplace. Having completed countless jobs to the highest standard of quality, you can feel confident when you come to us. Over our time in business, we have honed our craft and stayed up to date on all industry developments. This allows us to provide work that we stand behind and leaves our customers with a superb fireplace that will be a worthwhile addition to their property.

High-Quality Natural Gas Fireplaces

We only install gas fireplaces from trusted brands, which means you are always guaranteed a quality product when you work with us. Our dedication to our clients includes a commitment to installing premium fireplaces that will work well for many years to come. No matter which indoor gas fireplace you choose from us, you can always feel confident in your decision.

Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver a quality product to our clientele. That means having peerless product knowledge and the ability to install and service our fireplaces. We will work hard to provide you with the product that we have become known for – no matter how difficult the installation or service required may be.

Energy-Efficient Home Heating Solutions

Installing a gas fireplace is a fantastic way to add comfort to your home without bumping up your utility bills. When compared to wood-burning stoves, modern gas fireplaces are easier to use, cleaner, and more affordable to run. Depending on the model you choose and your expected usage, our technicians will be happy to give you the estimated cost of running your fireplace.

Another unexpected advantage of gas fireplaces is that they are not as hot as a wood-burning fire. While we are aware that that might not sound like what you are looking for – the fact is, it adds a much more pleasant and less intense heat to the room. That means you can enjoy the ambiance of your fire for hours without your room getting too hot or wasting too much gas.

If you call us with questions or an idea for a gas-powered fireplace, we can't wait to help you out.

Add Value to Your Home with a Gas Fireplace

Not only will our installations make your property cozier and more enjoyable during your time living there, but they will also make it more enticing on the real estate market if you ever decide to sell. A high-quality gas fireplace is a sure-fire way to increase your property value, which means you are always making a smart investment when working with us.

Nothing is as primal or enjoyable as sitting back at the end of the day around the hearth, telling stories. Something feels right about sitting around the fire, and our gas fireplaces are one of the most stylistic, safe, and efficient ways.

If you are curious about how to get started on the process, our lines are open. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will fill you in on everything. They'll even be able to provide a quick quote for the service you need.

Up-to-Date Fireplace Technicians

If you are looking for the latest and greatest in-home heating, then you have come to the right place. Our team of experts works hard to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide our clients with the most modern products available. We frequently expand our product catalog and introduce new models into our repertoire, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn about our new arrivals.

Our team is always up to date on the latest and greatest in gas fireplace technology. Additionally, you can count on every person on our team to have the competence to answer any question you throw at them or overcome any obstacle that exists throughout the installation process. Our experience is varied, thorough, and well-studied. Contact our team any time you'd like to get started with the area's best gas fireplace installation pros.

Easy to Schedule Gas Fireplace Services

Whether you are looking for installations or repairs for your gas fireplace, we promise to make the process as simple as possible. When you reach our line, our helpful and friendly staff will find the nearest opening in our schedule that works for you and then make sure we arrive exactly when we say we will—it's as simple as that.

Whether we were the ones to install your fireplace, we will be happy to service your fireplace. If we were the ones to install your fireplace and you need us to help you with some upkeep, we will be just as happy to help.

We make it imperative to be easy to always communicate with. Whenever you need us, we will be available to schedule a meet-up with you. We will find the ideal time to visit you, and we'll work quickly so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace in no time.

Gas Fireplace Contractors with a History of Success

Through years of hard work and positive word of mouth, we have earned our place as one of the area's leading gas fireplace services. With countless satisfied clients and many positive testimonials, you have nothing to worry about when hiring us, knowing that we have a measurable history of customer satisfaction. Improperly installed gas appliances can create a risk to your property, but that never has to be a concern with our well-established company.

If you call us to help you install your new gas fireplace, you can guarantee that you will be pleased with the result. We can offer you advice that may come in handy, pragmatic, and stylistic, and we can fill you in on how the process works in general.

There isn't an element of the process we aren't familiar with, and it will show when you have our team working for you, especially in the results. Call us today if you are curious about how we can help you and get a quote!

Finding the Perfect Indoor Gas Fireplace

One of the beauties of gas-burning fireplaces is their versatility in design. We carry a wide variety of rustic and modern gas fireplaces, ensuring that we always have something that will look great in your property. Our experts will be happy to schedule a design consultation with you to help you find something that truly complements the rest of your property.

Whether you have ideas in mind or would just like to see what we have to offer, you can always count on us to have amazing gas fireplaces to suit any design. Our units come in many different unique styles that you may not have ever known about or considered, so get in touch with us today to learn more.

Gas Fireplaces for Any Budget

In addition to our breadth of styles of fireplaces, we also pride ourselves in offering options in a variety of price ranges. Our honest and straightforward pricing structure, combined with all of our different options, ensures that we have something to offer for all homeowners. If you are ready to make the leap to a gas fireplace, Fireweed Home Comfort is the company to contact for pricing you can trust.

Just give us a call, and we will discuss your options with the particulars like budget, timeline, etcetera. All you need to have is the idea to install a gas fireplace and we will work something out with you, or at least tell you an excellent way to move forward to achieve what you want.

We are always available, so please give us a call, and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

Get Cozy with a Gas Fireplace

During the colder months, few things can compete with getting comfortable in front of your own fireplace. The beauty and heating capabilities of our gas fireplaces are second to none, so you are always making a great choice when hiring us to install one in your property. If you are looking to make the time you spend indoors this winter even better, then we are here to help.

We have all the experience necessary to convert your existing fireplace into a gas fireplace or build you a new one if that is indeed what you are after. We will inform you about the steps that need to be taken to install a new gas fireplace.

We make the process of installing a gas fireplace easy, and that is merely the beginning of the coziness that we will impart to your home. Once installed, you will be able to rely on the comfort your gas fireplace gives you for many years to come. They are a low maintenance way to heat your living spaces, and we are the company to help you do it. Call us today to book a 100% no-obligation consultation.

Energy-Efficient Gas Fireplaces

Not only do our natural gas fireplaces look great and provide amazing heat, but they are also an energy-efficient option for heating your home. Unlike traditional fireplaces, which let a lot of their heat escape out of the chimney, our gas fireplaces do a much better job of circulating the heat throughout your home. This results in a faster and more efficient heating process, helping you save money on your bills.

Another efficient aspect is the gas itself. There doesn't need to be a lot of gas used to keep the fire burning. So, although the idea of burning gas may seem wasteful, it is not. Mere fumes are needed to sustain a fire for hours on end without impacting your gas bill too much.

If you have any questions about making the shift over to a gas fireplace, please don't hesitate to give us a ring. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have, give you a quote on the services you need, and schedule an appointment.

Say Goodbye to Firewood with a Gas Fireplace

Installing a gas fireplace in your property means no more fiddling with firewood. If you are tired of splitting logs, the difficult fire-starting process, and the mess that comes along with traditional fireplaces, then you will love our gas units. Our fireplaces provide you with the utmost convenience without any downsides, so you can spend more time enjoying your cozy home.

A gas fireplace is almost as cozy as a wood-burning one. Although you won't enjoy the scent of burning pine in your home, you won't have any of the clean-up to deal with, you won't have to lug logs up from your storage location, and you still get the same amount of warmth. Depending on your needs, a gas fireplace could be more comfortable for the above reasons. If you like keeping warm and keeping your home clean, the gas fireplace is for you.

Additionally, you can turn it on and off on command. There is no chance of your fire going out once lit, and you can turn it off once you are done. Enjoy the modern conveniences of a gas-powered fireplace by calling our team today.

Fireplace Contractors That Care About Their Clients

Here at Fireweed Home Comfort, we go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant experience for all of our clients. We put just as much effort into our customer care as we do our labor, so you can always count on top-notch service when you work with us. We prioritize open communication and polite service, which has helped us maintain a solid history of satisfaction with our fireplace installations.

Find out why so many of our former clients are happy to recommend us to their family and friends by contacting us today.

Call the Local Gas Fireplace Experts

If your Furnace is not enough to keep you warm, then you need to look at a Gas Fireplace as another option. Gas Fireplaces cause less of a headache, because you never have to clean up after any wood pieces or logs!

We have had a handful of experience in the Whitehorse, YT area. We are a well known and trusted company, we take full care of our customers to ensure they feel completely satisfied with our services. We’ll walk you through the design and plan of your gas fireplace and help you select the right one for your home.

To speak to a helpful company representative or learn more about our gas fireplace installation and repair services, call (867) 668-3259 today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or give you a no-obligation quote for the job.

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